Assistant professor, Mohammad Nasim Wafa son of Mohammad Rasul was born in Ghor province in 1988 and raised in an religious family. He got his secondary education in Allawandin Ghori High School in 2006. He started his higher education by joining Faculty of Natural Science in Kabul University in 2007. After accomplishing his bachelor’s degree successfully, he became an instructor at Education faculty of Ghor Higher institute in 2010.

Mr. Mohammad Nasim Wafa earned and completed his master’s degree from University of Northeast Normal University in China, 2020 after successful completion of degree and upon his return; he became Ghor University acting chancellor in September 17, 2020. Mr. Wafa published 2 international academic and research-based papers in different international journals. His articles are as follow:

•         Wafa, M. N., Hussaini, S. A. M., & Pazhman, J. (2020). Evaluation of Students’ Mathematical Ability in Afghanistan’s Schools Using Cognitive Diagnosis Models. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 16(6), em1849.

•         WAFA, Mohammad Nasim. Assessing school students’ mathematic ability using DINA and DINO models. International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT), 2019, 65.12: 153-165.